Luke Howard | Belltown Farms

Luke Howard

Head of Operations (East)

Luke Howard and his wife Alison own and manage Homestead Farms Inc. of Millington, Maryland, where they grow certified organic grains, vegetables, hay and chicken broilers on approximately 650 acres. Luke began Homestead Farms by purchasing 77 acres in 2002, and the farm has been certified organic since 2004.

Luke has also worked as a consultant for the organic industry, including as a regional sales manager for Blue River Organic Seeds, a leading supplier of organic row crop seeds; a feed dealer for Nature’s Best Organic Feed; and parlor and outside manager of Horizon Organic Dairy in Kennedyville, Maryland.

Luke is a well-known figure within the organic farming community. He was President of Pennsylvania Certified Organic, the largest organic certifier on the east coast and served two terms as a member of the Maryland Agriculture Commission. He grew up on the Howard family dairy farm in north central Pennsylvania.