The Farm Operations Internship is a great experience for students interested in a career in organic regenerative farm operations. The internship will provide students with a hands-on learning experience on a large-scale regenerative organic grain farm in Michigan. The intern will work alongside skilled team members, developing skills while learning about organic production. Specific Duties Include:

The Farm Operations Intern works on many aspects of the farm operations including planting, cultivating, irrigation/maintenance, and grain harvest. 

Other Duties Are: 
• Maintain a clean work area, as well as care for all tools, machines, and equipment.
• Identify and communicate solutions in areas of responsibility.
Effectively communicate with farm managers.
Assist in the maintenance of equipment.
Ability to work independently and with other personnel and management.
Develop technical knowledge of the use and operations of organic equipment.
Learn how to implement regenerative organic farming practices.
Adhere to on-farm safety and learn about the proper use of PPE.
Complete all other duties as assigned by management in a professional and efficient manner.

Enrolled or attending an agriculture program.

Agriculture experience preferred. Strong computer skills. Ability to assemble and perform some maintenance functions on equipment. Valid driver’s license. Candidates must have valid work authorization and be able to work in the U.S.

Pay of $15 per hour, plus housing will be provided. 

Please submit a resume and cover letter to