Eddie Clevenger | Belltown Farms

Eddie Clevenger

Head of Operations

Eddie has been farming all his life beginning with his family farm in Virginia where they had vegetables, fruits and cattle. He later managed large conventional farms in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and New York growing grains, fruits and vegetables. Farming has changed over the years and Eddie was changed by farming throughout his career. He came to realize that creating and nourishing healthy soil is how to produce the best tasting grains, vegetables and fruits, and that in turn will keep all who eat what he grows healthy, too.

The last ten years of his farming career have been devoted to organic and regenerative practices as well as passing on his experience and knowledge to the next generation of farmers. His most recent position was the Director of Farm Operations for 1500 hundred acres of grains and vegetables grown organically in New York for the Hudson Valley Farm Hub. Eddie Clevenger and his family live in Wellfleet, Nebraska.