Belltown Farms owns and operates large scale farms in the US, transitioning land to USDA certified organic, and operating them in line with regenerative principles. Belltown believes that regenerative farming provides an opportunity to produce healthy food, while having a positive impact on soil health, biodiversity, carbon emissions and local communities, as well as delivering compelling financial returns for investors.

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Belltown Farms operates 2,500 acres in Southeast Michigan where it plans to grow organic corn, organic soybeans, and organic wheat using regenerative practices. The first organic crop will be in 2021. Belltown will grow this operation to 3,000 – 4,000 acres over the next few years.
In addition to 5-8 large scale farms in the Midwest and other parts of the US, Belltown will operate a “showcase farm” in the Hudson Valley. This will be a commercial farm, operating ~1,500 acres, primarily in grains. It will serve as the headquarters for Belltown’s farming operations, hosting a broad range of functions including grain trading, farmer training, and crop trials. Given its location near Manhattan, the Hudson Valley farm will also act as the public-facing arm of Belltown, helping to catalyze the broad adoption of regenerative farming practices through engagement with a broad range of influencers (chefs, consumers, scientists, politicians). Over time it will likely develop a hospitality offering, hosting educational events, collaborating with partners throughout the local and global food community, and offering produce to the public directly via a farm shop and cafe.