In 2016, Michael Kaplan and Tom Hill-Norton, two long-time friends and business partners, saw an opportunity. The American eater was overwhelmingly choosing organic food and, the U.S. food supply chain was struggling to keep up. They launched Belltown Farms with the belief that farming can meet the needs of today, while protecting our planet for future generations.

Belltown regenerative farming provides an opportunity to have a positive impact on soil health, biodiversity, carbon emissions, and local communities. And, at the same time, supply high-quality ingredients to the expanding organic industry. Belltown builds partnerships with leaders in the American food and beverage industry to provide consistent organic supply chains.

Today, Belltown Farms owns and operates more than 7,500 acres in the U.S., transitioning land to USDA certified organic, and operating these farms in line with regenerative principles. In the next few years, Belltown aims to acquire and operate 50,000+ acres of farmland across the US.


Michael Kaplan | Belltown Farms
Michael Kaplan
Founder – Belltown Farms

Michael is one of the founders of Belltown, responsible for fundraising and deal sourcing. Prior to Belltown, Michael was a partner at Albion Ventures LLP where he helped to establish Albion as one of the pioneering investors in the UK’s community-scale renewable energy sector. Prior to Albion, Michael worked at The Boston Consulting Group and before that, the Chief Financial Officer of Widevine Technologies, a security software company (sold to Google in 2010). Michael has a BA from the University of Washington and an MBA from INSEAD.

Tom Hill-Norton | Belltown Farms
Tom Hill-Norton
Founder – Belltown Farms

Tom is one of the founders of Belltown, responsible for deal sourcing, execution, and managing the transaction team. His career has focused on investing in sustainable infrastructure projects since the end of 2006. He worked with the energy investment team at Actis on renewable energy investments in emerging markets and raised and invested a series of renewable energy funds for Guinness Asset Management in the UK. Prior to 2006, Tom worked in corporate finance (with JP Morgan, Flemings, and Fredericks Michael) and strategy consultancy with The Boston Consulting Group. Tom has an MA (Hons) from The University of Edinburgh and an MBA from INSEAD. Together with his siblings, Tom manages his family hill farm in Cornwall,

Tom Hill-Norton | Belltown Farms



Belltown Farms is committed to sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Our farms focus on developing cultural and technological practices that steward our resources for the future and reduce our carbon impact. Belltown’s farms utilize diverse crop rotations with cover crops and organic management to drive sustainability. Our mission is to deliver food that is healthy for people and the planet. Belltown operates its regenerative organic farms under six core principles: Improve Long Term Soil Health, Develop Sustainable Food Systems, Support Local Communities, Drive Thought Leadership, Have Positive Environmental Impact, Reduce Carbon Emissions.
Belltown Farms
Belltown Farms


Belltown operates farm “hubs” across the US, each with a minimum of 1,000 to 2,000 acres, and growing to 3,000 to 4,000 acres. This target farm size allows us to make optimal use of staff and machinery, while also giving the space for a multi-species rotation of small grains, legumes, cover crops, and livestock. Building an initial 5-8 hubs will allow Belltown to diversify weather and disease risk, produce a wide variety of crops, and build a supply chain with multiple regional customers. The Hudson Valley hub will be a ‘showcase’ farm where new regenerative methods can be trialed, farming staff can be trained and the message to our customers can be refined and delivered.